About the Learner's Way

The Learner's Way is a site for sharing ideas between educators, a place for conversations about ideas that work and a collection of resources.

In any school one of the great difficulties we face is managing the time we have. We face multiple pressures and despite our best intentions don't have the time for professional reading and reflection that we know we should be engaging with. Sadly what is possibly most important to our professional development is the first item to be pushed to the bottom of the to do list.

This site is designed to be that place you go to when you do have time. An archive of those interesting readings shared by colleagues that you didn't have time to read when the email arrived. A method for giving feedback and evaluating resources you have tried. A place where you can post ideas for others to read when they have time. Visit the Ideas page for suggestions and commentary on a range of educational topics with a focus on the learner.