12 Things Kids Want From Their Teachers

Today while browsing Google Plus I cam across a posting that grabbed my attention. Titled 'Students share characteristics of their favourite teachers' and written for Edudemic by Bill Powers the post detailed a survey he had conducted with his students to explore '12 things kids want from their teachers'. It turns out the conversation was started by Angela Maiers who asked her students 'What did they want from their teachers?'

This has led to a number of teachers doing the same and sharing the results with the world through Blogs and Social Media. The results make interesting reading and the brave amongst us might like to do the same with our class.

It does make you think, we often set goals with our students and discuss ways they can achieve success. Less often do we engage students in a discussion about what we can do better and yet by not asking the question we ignore the opinions of those with possibly the best view of and most experience with the modern school system.

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