Tools to Help Learners Learn

We all know the adage of teach a person to fish and they will be fed for a lifetime and we can readily see how this fits with education. Ask any teacher about their goals for their class and in the mix will be the idea of creating lifelong learners who can take charge of their own learning. Despite having this goal often we get caught up in the content of what we are teaching and those essential and transferable skills which are required by effective learners are forgotten.

KQED presents a blog post that covers Five Tools to Help Students Learn How to Learn. The article explains the role that good tools play in an inquiry based approach and lists five that are essential:

  1. An Inquiry Community
  2. An Inquiry Circle
  3. The Inquiry Journal
  4. The Inquiry Log
  5. The Inquiry Chart

Learn how to use each tool by reading the blog post at KQED