IBM predicts the future of Education

Given that IBM created Watson, a learning computer that was able to win Jeopardy against some of the games greatest human competitors, it is not surprising they are interested in Computer Learning. This is the theme of this year's '5 in 5', five predictions for what computing will bring in five years time. The first of these predictions has particular relevance to education and predicts a future where learning is targeted to the needs of the individual based on information gathered by teachers and their support network over years.


One of the difficulties teachers experience is the transfer of knowledge about our students from one year and one class to the next. IBM predicts a future where thanks to the application of 'Big Data' techniques the transfer of knowledge about every child is seamless and truly informative for effective teaching. Every teacher will have easy and timely access to a complete picture of each child's learning profile including strengths, weaknesses, interests, and history. Armed with this information the teacher will be better prepared to meet the individual needs of their students.


Read more about this prediction - The classroom will learn you

or watch the video for a clear description of the impact Big Data can have on education


A Classroom that Learns You


In five years, classrooms will learn about you, and personalize coursework accordingly. It's the end of the era of one-size-fits-all education, and the beginning of personalized learning. Every year IBM makes predictions about 5 technology innovations that stand to change the way we live within the next 5 years.