Three things

Here are three little things you might find useful from the land of little blue birds,

The first is a delightful piece of music by Weird Al Yankovic that captures perfectly how many English teachers feel when exposed to what passes as grammar in the modern world. This alone could replace every Grammar text.

Watch 'Word Crimes' on YouTube

The second one is a Graffiti Wall with a purpose. Set up a space on a wall where students can write and then invite them to add one quote per month, or maybe per book they read, just the one that they most want to share with the class. As they can only pick one they must be selective and be able to justify their choice. Once they have put their quote on the wall they can not remove it or add another so the choosing is important.

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Lastly an interesting reminder of why Finland is achieving academic success. By deliberately focussing on meeting the needs of every child, making Learning Support the norm for all learners, not the exception.

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